Social Media Strategies for the Kent Wedding Photographer

Kent wedding photographerNowadays, social media platforms are one of the best places where a Kent wedding photographer could build his credibility. In the world filled with people updating their social media accounts all the time, a photographer may take an advantage in sharing his best photos to the rest of the world, letting everyone knows that he is capable of taking breathtaking shots. This may eventually lead him to new clients.

Facebook and Instagram are currently the two social media platforms with most users. These are where you should start your branding. You could build your own online portfolio on these platforms and actively update it with your latest masterpiece. And it comes with no cost at all, at least if you’re using their free features.

Tips on using social media

In building your credibility on those social media platforms, there are a number of tips that you could use for effective building. Here they are:

Niche-based or general

The first thing you need to determine as a photographer is whether you’re playing in particular niche field of just being grateful for any gig coming to your door. Being niche means that you would only take offers that specifically run in your preferred fields. It could be anything, including indoor and outdoor wedding. After choosing your niche, you should consistently post photos that are within your niche.

Actively interact with other users

Particularly with those who put their comments on your photos, or merely clicking the like button and start following you. This could help you maintaining meaningful and long-term relationship with them. People who have made initial interactions with you are most likely driven by their interest in your work. That being said, it’s not impossible to have them becoming your next client in the future.

Be relatable

Make sure that all your contents, and your profile as a whole, is relatable. People want to feel that they could related to you when visiting your profile, and seeing your contents. You need to be able to tell stories through your shots as a Kent wedding photographer. You could possibly share some behind the scenes photos to let people know that there are actually others who’ve been in their shoes.

Ride on popular hashtags and topics

Riding on popular hashtags could indeed boost the likeability of your content being seen by more people. However, you should be careful not to ruin the whole reputation that you’ve built only to make your content up-to-date. You still need to consider the whole theme and niche that you’ve been building on your profile.

Join relevant online communities

You could join some groups or communities that share the same idea as you do. This would enable you to keep producing unique content and look for ideas and fresh perspectives when you run out of them in the community.

Those five are the best tips that could help you building your own social media profile as a Kent wedding photographer. If you need ideas on how to do this, you could visit for inspirations.

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